We create innovative materials suitable for floorings and coatings which are perfectly customizable.

Our most important goal is to offer the customers very pleasant environments where to live and work.

This is the reason why we only use innovative materials that allow us to give our customers flexible and customizable solutions.

There is a great number of design ideas to be shaped.

The compositional effects of Colored Concrete,  EcoMalta materials,  Microcement and Cement Design ideas, allow us to give both Architects and Designers the possibility to realize any project of architecture for interior floorings and coatings as well.

We value the maximum core thickness with our customers right to seek innovative ideas and products according to every single service required. The thickness  varies from 3 mm to 10 cm.

Home Renovation and Remodeling.

Thanks to Colored Concrete Design, EcoMalta materials and Microcement we are able to create suitable surfaces for new buildings and to realize the renovation of existing structures as well.

The company provides a great variety of ideas and adaptability: ranging from houses to garden spaces, from working to shop areas, right making them become the perfect solution for great architecture interventions.



Our products can offer high quality performance



We can offer a technical support to architects and designers



Communication and Planning