High Quality Certification

High Quality Certification

Our products can offer high quality performance

Our materials are characterized by the resistance and durability, a faster installation, maintenance and cleaning.

Our products exceed the highest quality assurance performance.

Our products are guaranteed to give:

  • High resistance to even heavy traffic;
  • Effective protection against de-icing salts and damage of water intrusion;
  • Proper adhesion to any type of support (after application of the materials);
  • Low environmental impact thanks to water-based formula;
  • High resistance to UV radiation and climate change;
  • High thermal conductivity, which enables it to warm up quite faster, accelerating the process of irradiation;
  • Colored Concrete, EcoMalta materials, Microcement are also the perfect option for radiant floor heating systems, since they do not release any kind of substance maintaining a good air quality.