Concrete Design, floorings and high quality finishes

The Concrete Design flooring is a monolithic solution with useful thicknesses, ranging from five to ten centimeters.

It is deeply resistant to climate changes.

It represents the perfect option for external surfaces, shopping centers, hotels, camping areas and theme parks (which usually require great improvements).

They can offer really durable results.

This is a very resistant floor, also bearing a great workload charge. Our ability to create harmonious space with a refined Design allows it to be a more stylish surface than any other usual concrete paneling.

Concrete Design is treated with particular materials, so getting a great variety of colors and shades and to double the normal resistance to abrasion and deterioration, compared to normal concrete.

UV-resistant, it does not require any special maintenance.

Day after day, year after year, the floor can be swept and washed like any other concrete surface, maintaining unaltered its original properties over time.