Colored Concrete, floorings and high quality finishes

Colored Concrete is the perfect solution for those who want an optimized surface paneling, and innovative material, able to create a unique space.

With only three millimeters of thickness you will be allowed to remodel an existing surface (ceramic, stoneware, concrete) without removing it.

This is a sustainable and  environmentally friendly coating solution including selected cement based materials, fine sands, resin mixes required according to European Committee for standardization.

Over 30 COLOURS available which can be applied to any type of support, radically transforming the surfaces and making them meet best functional and aesthetic requirements.

Extremely textural in colors and shades they can offer a unifying and harmonious effect.

The installation of Colored concrete is totally done by hand, using conventional tools and experienced techniques.

Colored Concrete offers an excellent properties, being  weather and climate deterioration extremely resistant, they are also easy to be cleaned up and quick to get installed. They  have a perfect performance in radiant floor heating systems.

Our materials are a good option for kitchen and other spaces floor as they allow you to create continuous surface paneling, internal and external boards, with no joints.

By using them for home Improvements, it is possible to save money, because it is not necessary to demolish  the existing supports and they are faster to get installed.

You can choose between smooth and rough finish, both offering high performance and durability results.

Their extraordinary features make them the ideal option for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard walls or masonry, stairs, bathrooms and  shower.

The application of the Colored Concrete with very low thickness does not require the removal of fixtures.

In indoor spaces Colored Concrete gives a great effect, according to the most modern or classic style as well.

It is also the perfect solution for swimming pools covers.