Ecomalta materials, durable and sustainable surface for floorings and wall tiles

The EcoMalta materials have excellent strength and durability characteristics.

They are eco friendly materials and the high qualified result of advanced research.

They are the ideal option for aesthetic structures coatings, with a contemporary and smooth result, but also for the renovation of existing surfaces, whether they are damaged or simply no more fashionable.

They are a completely eco-friendly solution as they respect the environment and nature.

They allow you to give a personal style to every surface by varying the color, effects and finishes, and create an harmonious living space.

They represent a monochromatic modern solution according to the modern needs of agility and change.

They also allow you to minimize dust, rubble, dimensions and every other dislocation caused by the home renovations.

They can offer you a unique and harmonious space and are very resistant to time deterioration, but above all they are totally made by hand.

EcoMalta materials need just a 3 mm installation, right giving a new style to the space around.